410 West 53rd Street

410 West 53rd Street – Built in 1987, this post-war freestanding building is just seven stories tall and offers 220 luxury apartments. One of the advantages of living in this neighborhood is the low-rise nature of many of the buildings. Midwest Court is an attractive New York apartment for rent located in Clinton Midtown West. The building has a metal fence in front of and around the sidewalk of trees. The facade is designed with window molding.

The beautiful suites at Midwest Court feature beautiful hardwood floors above all else. Large wardrobe with tenant wardrobe with space. The fully equipped kitchen comes with a variety of appliances, including a dishwasher, making New York rentals a pleasure to entertain. Wooden cabinets in the kitchen are attractive and modern. The marble bathroom has a luxurious bathtub and stainless steel bathroom fittings.

410 West 53rd Street

Door opening and concierge services are available for added convenience. Residents have full access to the laundry room for washing and drying laundry. A leisurely walk through the garden within the hotel offers a place to relax from everyday stress. With a quick lift, locals reach the roof where they can sit, read, sunbathe or simply enjoy the spectacular views.

Midwest Court At 410 W 53rd St

Midwest Court at 410 West 50th Street is located between Ninth Street and Tenth Avenue in downtown Clinton County. Theater lovers will enjoy the proximity of the Theater District building, while fashion lovers will enjoy the many local shopping opportunities. Midwest Court is also close to bus service on Route 57. The walkway has a single glass path that overlooks the courtyard with a perfect view. Midwest Court offers one and two bedroom studios for rent in a vibrant and energetic neighborhood. The non-modern apartment in this beautiful brick building has been masterfully designed to maximize light and space. The interior is bright and comfortable, and the rooms are complemented by a prime address in midtown Manhattan.

Indoor elements, including the roof and gym, are an extension of your home. Top-notch retailers and top-notch restaurants make Hells Kitchen a unique residential option for those looking for modern conveniences with an exciting atmosphere.

Thank you very much. He is truly enjoying life at 410 W 53rd Street. You have great buildings and staff. Midwest Court residents, I want to let you know how helpful and wonderful you all are at Midwest Court Leasing! Everyone was always a pleasure to talk to… West Central Court residents, thanks again for everything. I love living in a well-functioning building like this. The staff went out of their way and it was really nice… Midwest Court residents, we enjoy going to Midwest Court and appreciate your help. Your positive energy is a strong factor in our decision (to rent… Midwest Court residents, I am incredibly happy to live in Midwest Court and can’t imagine going anywhere better) My friends are jealous. The apartment, gym and rooftop are amazing… Midwest Court residents, we are very excited to be moving into Midwest Court later this month. Our new… Midwest Court Resident Welcome to Midwest Court at 410 West, Street 53, located on a tree-lined street in Hell’s Kitchen. Recently remodeled 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 bath. There are two entrances. Large rooms, high ceilings, hardwood floors and plenty of space to entertain your guests. The bedroom can accommodate beds and furniture. Air conditioning and heating throughout the apartment. A cool bathroom with a charcoal gray backsplash. Modern room with marble tiles and matching marble floors. Beautiful laundry room doors and furniture. Ground floor with poor view. Phew! Convenient location, close to public transportation, theaters, restaurants, shopping strip, convenience stores, bars, restaurants, king of health chain.

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The name “Hell’s Kitchen” carries some bad connotations, but the name of the neighborhood is something that goes back decades. Since the early 1980s, Hell’s Kitchen has seen many improvements and today is considered one of the safest and most sought-after areas of the city (locals call the area “Clinton”).

East 35th Street, New York, Ny 10016 (sold Nystatemls Listing #11032301)

Today, Hell’s Kitchen is characterized by new and renovated apartment buildings, although rents remain extremely competitive for Manhattan. A lively collection of restaurants, bars and arts centers complement the diverse tastes of the locals. Several public parks are scattered throughout the community, notably the large DeWitt Clinton Park near the waterfront and Central Park.

Transportation options available in New York include Route 50 (A, C, E Lines), 0.4 miles from 410 W 53rd St Unit 105, 410 W 53rd St Unit 105 near La Guardia, 5.0 miles. miles or 15 minutes away and includes Newark Liberty. The international station is 15.6 miles or 28 minutes away.

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Do you like riding on two wheels? You’ll love living in this neighborhood, which is considered a biker’s paradise.

410 W 53rd St Unit 105 has three shopping centers within a 2.8 mile radius approximately 3 minutes. Miles and minutes will go to the farthest assets.

Schermerhorn St., #311

410 W 53rd St Unit 105 has five parks within 1.6 miles, including DeWitt Clinton Park, Damrosch Park and Sony Wonder Technology Lab.

410 W 53rd St Unit 105 is 6.1 miles from the Governor’s Island Support Center and is easily accessible to other military bases including Military Ocean Station.

Good news! We accept applications through this lease. Act now and your $ purchase will include 9 additional free listings for participating properties. We’re sorry, but this listing (Studio at 410 West 53rd Street, New York, NY 10019) is no longer available. Here is a list of some similar names.

Hell’s Kitchen between 34th and 59th Streets is the place to be in Manhattan for a good time. Many bars and restaurants line 8th, 9th and 10th streets as the streets are lined with brownstones, beautiful apartment buildings and cafes. This once haunted neighborhood has become a friendly place to hang out and drink with friends.

W 53rd St, Ashtabula, Oh 44004

Between 34th and 59th streets in Manhattan, you’ll have a good time at Hell’s Kitchen. Many bars and restaurants line 8th, 9th and 10th streets as the streets are lined with brownstones, beautiful apartment buildings and cafes. This once haunted neighborhood has become a friendly place to hang out and drink with friends.

Hell’s Kitchen began life as a farm in the early 1800s. The easy access to the river proved suitable for agricultural research. However, as the city expanded northward, more farms were bought from their owners to make way for other things, such as the construction of the New York Hospital in 1911.

The area’s population exploded in the early 1900s. However, the city did not pay much attention to this area, which led to poverty and increased crime. . During Prohibition, Hell’s Kitchen was home to several Key Filter and Rumrunner operations. Until the 1980s, the neighborhood had a large presence of organized crime, many calling it “the most dangerous place on the continent”.

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So what happened to this dangerous place? The city began to revitalize the area and spent a lot of money to curb organized crime and raise the standard of living. Many tourist attractions such as the Javits Center have been built in this area. This revival continued into the early 2000s. Today, the neighborhood is richer, more diverse, and more peaceful.

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Hell’s Kitchen has a mix of brownstone, mid-rise apartment buildings, and has recently added a number of new high-rise buildings. As a rule, street buildings are usually taller than street buildings.

Hell’s Kitchen is close to many of New York’s major attractions, such as Central Park and the Theater District. This makes the area very popular with tourists who want to eat and drink before and after seeing the show. Many bars in the area are LGBTQ+ owned and operated.

While the bars and restaurants are usually very busy, the streets of Hell’s Kitchen can be surprisingly quiet for a Midtown Manhattan neighborhood. Popular with artistic families and professionals alike, Hell’s Kitchen has energy to spare.

Hell’s Kitchen is one of the safest neighborhoods with a low crime rate and easy access to schools and hospitals. Although the area is safe and well located, its popularity can make it a noisy neighborhood. little Still, if you don’t mind the size of the city, Hell’s Kitchen is a great place for families to visit and stay.

West 49th Street, Nyc

The New York City subway system serves Hell’s Kitchen via the A, C, E, and 7 trains.

Cycling is popular here due to the many miles of bike paths and the large number of Citi Bike parking spaces. This area is heavily pedestrianized, so cyclists should be careful.

For those interested in Hell’s Kitchen, there are currently 936 apartments listed on the market.

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