Buena Vista South Main

Buena Vista South Main – When Jed Selby realized that the 41-acre parcel that separates Boa Vista from Arkansas was on the market, the plan was quickly put into action. He joined his sister Cathy and the two started talking about the white water park world and environmental sustainability. These two visions saw an opportunity to create a plan that would keep the river open and accessible to river enthusiasts. They also saw an opportunity to create a community designed to get people out of their cars and talk to their neighbors while going to the market, coffee shop or kayaking. They were presented with the opportunity to develop a community where people could walk to meet their daily needs.

They discovered New Urbanism and quickly realized that its design and planning elements would be effective and efficient in creating the simple, pedestrian-friendly community they envisioned. Tree-lined streets, mixed-use housing, green architecture and land-conscious planning were aspects of New Urbanism that really spoke to Jed and Cathy. They decided to envision, design and build South Main with these principles in mind.

Buena Vista South Main

Through a week-long public process, a team of New Urbanist architects and designers created a plan for South Main based on community support and direct input from Bois Vistans. This approach to planning allowed these brothers to truly improve the community they knew and loved. As Cathy says: “When we see how much room there is for improvement in the world today, we can think of starting locally, here at home.”

Homeless For 9 Months With A Budget Of $1,800, Buena Vista Resident Navigates The Housing Crisis

Chaffee County has a lot to offer in terms of natural beauty and recreation. The entire South Main team is committed to building a community that enhances Boa Vista and adds to its list of priorities – beautiful homes and public spaces for friends and families from around the world.

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There are several great shops from mountain bike rentals, pottery, handmade jewelry, accessories for every sport, sheepskin boots and more. Especially in Southern Maine. In addition, the shops of the Haadstraat are just a short walk from the Haadwijk, as is the Sød. There you can find gifts for every occasion, browse several local galleries, shop the latest and greatest accessories for every season and one, or choose the perfect plant for your Boa Vista home.

South Main is the best restaurant in Boa Vista. Located in the Surf Hotel, Wesley & Rose Lobby Bar offers freshly baked sandwiches and beignets, delicious salads, specialty cocktails and grass-fed beef. Also, you can visit many amazing restaurants from your doorstep. From grass-fed burgers, fresh sushi, great salads and delicious gluten/vegetarian options, there’s something for everyone!

Living steps from South Main Town Square and River Park can be one of the biggest advantages of owning a home in South Main. Enjoy community gatherings, free music, or take your dog for a walk on the area’s best trails. With fishing in Arkansas, you can leave your house, cast a line, and drive back without getting in your car. The River Park hosts a number of kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding competitions, and it’s always fun to test your skills on the waves we’ve made over the past few years. All in all, whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or simply seek out pure beauty, living in Southern Maine is the place for you!

Main, Buena Vista, Co 81211

Here at Southern Maine we pride ourselves on bringing the best players and competitors. From sold-out concerts, free music events at the restaurant or the BEACH, to world-class river races and beer festivals, there’s something for you to do with friends and family at any time of the year. Opticos has created a series of life/work features for Southern Key developers in Boa Vista, Colorado. These units consist of 900 square meters of space, which are commercial space or ground floor studios, and 1,400 square meters, two bedrooms and two and a half living rooms. Second and third floor. Optikos offered artists several height options, allowing the design to be used and modified in multiple locations. In 2007, Southern Maine’s president and founder decided to use these plans for his residence and Southern Maine’s business offices. Optikos worked with him to develop and modify his builder’s drawings to suit his individual needs.

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“The Opticos Building designed for me is definitely a top live/work and top three project of our South Main project. It’s a great example of a beautiful building on the outside, you just don’t get it.” – Jed Selby, President, South Main Development Corporation

Prairie Queen of the Lake Bungalows: Master Plans/Specific Plans for the Missing Midtown Neighborhood Papillion, Nebraska 21st Century Urban Architecture Award Winners.

Terrace Housing Washington, DC high quality, affordable housing types Urban housing Large mid-range housing/custom designs needed.

S Court Street, Buena Vista, Co 81211

Optikos Design respects the GDPR and will not share your personal information without your consent. Read our privacy policy to learn more about how we use your information. In Boa Vista, Colorado, a forty-acre riverfront site on a former landfill site has sat vacant for years. Two nature-loving inventors—adventurers with a history of competitive kayaking—set out to find out what it’s all about.

Following a public charrette hosted by Dover, Kohl & Partners, construction began on South Main – a new Urbanist development connecting the small mountain town to the Arkansas River. Today, the central square of South Main Square is surrounded by mixed-use buildings and provides a gathering place for residents and visitors. Neighboring roads offer views of mountains and river fronts.

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“As someone who’s lived here for a while, I’m amazed,” Chaffee County Commissioners Chairman Dennis Geese said. there were people everywhere. Youth, youth. And that’s what Southern Maine brought. “

Producers presented important principles established by residents during the charter: maintaining public access to the river; creating a high-quality riverfront; Create visual and physical connections to Main Street and downtown Boa Vista, including featuring the historic dome with the mountains as a backdrop; and create a walkable neighborhood, pedestrian network, and human streets.

South Main St, Buena Vista, Co 81211

“We love to travel, and living in Southern Maine allows us to travel everywhere—for work, activities, and fun,” says Will and Christine Franz. “Everything is very convenient – local businesses, great hiking and mountain biking, and the river.”

South Main feels like a natural extension of the city, as the architecture comes from the local vernacular. By connecting to the river, South Main helps complete the city. When Boa Vista residents come to events, they can walk the streets of South Main, learn about the neighborhood’s perspectives, and discover the qualities that make it a great place to live.

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