Chinese Food Plainfield Il

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Customer service is nothing short of fantastic. Our servers are fun and attentive at all times.

Chinese Food Plainfield Il

She was very rude to me, she looked at me strangely for no reason. The food is very salty… I do not recommend this place.

Lucky Bamboo Asian Cuisine In Plainfield

This place is a hidden gem. Reasonable price and delicious food! Do you only want to open earlier than 12 noon?

I’m a real fan of Chinese food here, but this is my go to for a quick American Chinese meal. Don’t be fooled by the Chinese-American menu. They know how to cook! I like that they will prepare your food to your liking and clearly understand your order. I always order steak and broccoli instead of rice for the more expensive regular meals. I also love their Chinese duck eggs. They prepared a dish for me: fish and duck eggs with chiffon. Very much appreciated. I ordered about 1/3 of their menu and it was better than some other Chinese fast food restaurants in the area. Highly recommended.

I love this place. I was thrilled to find a Chinese place with fresh meat and vegetables for every meal. Elsewhere they always taste bad, but not the yen. Fresh food, good service and fast!

Don’t order here, we usually order food from here, but this is the last time we ordered from here. We ordered dinner with chicken broccoli and scrambled eggs. Obviously they are taking it on the road because of Kovid, but even with Kovid you would think they would go the extra mile when it comes to serving food. When my son came home, I saw worms eating food, so I called the place, I did not agree, with a bad appetite. We wrapped the worms in a towel and the woman seemed to know if she had ever experienced anything like this before as she immediately asked for my money. This place is disgusting. I also took a picture of the worm before we took it to her. She also admits that vegetables are washed shortly before cooking.

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El Barrio Ii

This site is my favorite restaurant. Of all the restaurants I know, this is my favorite. I always recommend my friends to this restaurant. When you want to eat a decent meal, this place is immediately remembered. Excellent and varied food and extensive menu. Good staff and good atmosphere. And most importantly, the price is reasonable. I am very happy to praise this place.

Hi, it’s me again. I don’t want to take up too much of your time so…I went there in March 2017 before they closed “BIG MISTAKE” I ordered food for about $30.00 and it was just “my garbage” Couldn’t call and complain it the evening because at when I got home the door was closed, but of course I called the next morning and the woman was just as rude as other Yelp reviewers telling me the food was fresh. And just try to argue with my words for work, never ask me to bring food back or anything like that some restaurants always do amazing, she just says it’s fresh!! Okay, recently I went there about two weeks ago and I ordered a few things, okay, but I still ran into the same hostage, my mom noticed a woman not wearing gloves while she was cooking. . She took our money and they know money has a phone! So to sum up this review, the food is good, don’t shut up when you close and don’t expect to be greeted by friends or anything else that pleases.

Chinese food for every occasion at Yen Ching Chinese Carry Out located in the Lowlands. We prioritize food of the highest possible quality, for example our delicious chicken. Our menu is packed with options that will keep you wanting to come back for more. Browse our restaurant menu or call us at (815) 577-6656!

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Little China Restaurant In Romeoville

Montgomery, IL (11 km), Yorkville, IL (13 km), Warrenville, IL (16 km), Crest Hill, IL (16 km), Shorewood, IL (16 km), Lemont, IL (17 km), Page Foot Aurora, IL (11 miles), Woodridge, IL (11 miles), Sugar Grove, IL (13 miles), Channahon, IL (14 miles), Darien, IL (15 miles), Minooka, IL (15 miles)

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There are 101 restaurant menus for Plainfield, Illinois. Do you want a specific kitchen? Check out our top list for Italian, Asian or Mexican food in Plainfield. Do you need a diet? Let us show you the vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free options. Find things like barbecue tacos 🌮 burgers 🍔 soups 🥣 and more. Do you only need a children’s menu or a drinks menu? Classify our menus for easier navigation.

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Opera House Steak & Seafood Delivery Menu

No taste and the chicken has a different texture than the ordered dish. The portion size is above average and the menu fare is good. Maybe they have a holiday or a new chef there, but they will go somewhere else for my taste. Want better results.

An orange chicken is like a spicy dog… Eat a bite and throw it away. Good, I have duck eggs!

I need to order a last minute party tray for the work function, the workers here are responsible for the work and Comfortable.

I waited 25 minutes for my meal after they asked me to come. While I waited, a woman and her child ordered fried rice, shrimp and fried chicken. The woman behind the counter says she hasn’t ordered enough food and needs more orders. You should do what the woman does and walk away.

Great Wall Of China

Clean restaurant, friendly staff, waiting time is good. They gave me a lot of hot food. Except it tastes delicious. I had salty and fatty chicken rice. I’ve never met a fried chicken that I didn’t like until now. $11 for bad food when you can get good food for the same price.

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I ordered food from this restaurant for my family last night. The taste was good but early in the morning my family was sick and I ate the same and well until we ate their food. Also, I found hair in my food towards the bottom of the plate after I ate. It’s not the first time I’ve eaten bad food from here, but I think maybe something has changed. No, I’m definitely not going here again and the inspector will have to visit immediately.

This restaurant is the worst place our family has ever ordered from. We ordered more than $60 for the whole family. We drove 30 minutes to get there as they didn’t provide transportation to our place. We bring food home and throw it away because it’s so bad. Order stinky orange chicken and orange shrimp with gum you can’t bite. The noodles are very dry and the rice is bad. Just an hour after eating we all got sick and I also found bugs in the food. I called to tell the owner not to do anything for us. What a horrible experience! Please don’t waste your time or money coming to this restaurant! !

We are Taste of China based in Plainfield. Find out more about Chinese food as we aim to organize the experiences we provide and the memories we create. Learn more about our delicious dishes like chicken wings or call us at (815) 609-8888 today!

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Oswego, IL (7 miles), Romeoville, IL (8 miles), Lockport, IL (10 miles), Bolingbrook, IL (10 miles), Naperville, IL (12 miles), Lisle, IL (13 miles), Aurora, IL (13 miles), new LANOK,

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