Craigslist Pets East Texas

Craigslist Pets East Texas – COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Two blue and white pit bulls were a Columbus man’s pride and joy. They were gifts from his bride; But the plan will change.

“One night I went out and looked for the dogs, and they were gone. The doors were open, and the dogs were gone.”

Craigslist Pets East Texas

He did not want to identify the person. Devastated by the loss of her animals, she began looking for new dogs to fill the void in her heart. His next stop was Craig’s List. After searching through several ads – she came across a striking photo that bore a striking resemblance to her dogs.

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“People kept pet dogs and had dog papers, and unless you were the original owner, you couldn’t get dog papers,” the ad said.

He was sure he owned the dog. Contact the seller immediately. They denied having stolen the dogs, so the Columbus police got involved.

“I was looking at pictures that I took of people with dogs, and I was showing them, so you don’t have to explain it like that, but look at that dog, look at that dog, look at that over there.

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Although she is sure the dogs are hers and has the documents to prove it, she has to wait for the law to intervene. He told me that the family took the dogs for money. Both animals are valued at $2,000 each.

Craigslist Dog Scam: Family Out $300 And Heartbroken After Scam Leaves Them With Sick, Dying Puppy

According to him, the surprising development opened his eyes and reminds him to think before buying things online. However, she hopes her dogs will make it home safely soon.

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“I don’t know how to take care of them, I don’t know what they eat; now it’s difficult for me.”

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