Current Trends And Issues In Educational Technology

Today, we are all used to technology being widely used in education. It is used because of its immersive ingenuity and helpfulness for teachers and students. Many devices, software and apps are used to simplify the learning process, find answers faster, work more productively and so on. Every year brings something new to this industry. Therefore, we have decided to define the main trends in the field of educational technology in 2023. Let’s check how they can help the academic tasks and responsibilities of learners and teachers.

Immersive learning and virtual reality

The use of virtual reality (VR) is one of the main trends in education in 2023, and this trend continues for several years in a row. Statistics show a clear trend that its use is increasing every year. Thus, in 2020, about 15% of all American schools started using VR. It was also used by more than 70 million students worldwide. It helps to feel an experience that in many ways was impossible.

For example, biology students can use VR sets to examine the appearance and functions of the human body. History students can travel back in time to see how people lived in different eras. Such experiences are highly valuable and make VR one of the most sought-after education technology trends in 2023.

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Artificial Intelligence

AI, also known as artificial intelligence, is always one of the main trends and challenges in education. It helps students find their perfect learning style and progress according to their skills and goals. For example, Duolingo is a great AI-based tool that helps students learn new words. It indicates the progress of each user and allows him/her to choose his/her own pace. Therefore, it is one of the most important current educational trends in 2023.

Gamification of learning

You probably know that children learn better and faster thanks to educational games. The process of play to learn new materials and facts is one of the most basic and effective in the world. The year 2023 shows that gamification of the learning process will be one of the main technological trends in teaching and learning. There are thousands of incredible games that teach young children and adult students:

  • Math;
  • Writing and rewriting;
  • Editing and proofreading;
  • New words;
  • Reading;
  • Speaking;
  • Listening;
  • Memorization etc.
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The choice is rich and bright. Learners are free to choose educational games that suit their interests, talents and learning style. Sometimes students are able to identify their ideal learning styles because they used several educational games. Some learn well visually, while others prefer listening.

Social media lessons

One of the most popular trends in educational technology today is learning through social media. It is a famous and unstoppable trend with global significance that has been going on for about 20 years. Many educators tried to fight this trend, but failed. So they decided to turn it to their advantage.

Social media is popular and will be used as a powerful learning tool in 2023. Kids and teens will want to learn using their gadgets and favorite specific media platforms. They are very interactive and bright. These qualities naturally engage children in the learning process.

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Machine learning

The last and also essential trend on our list of education technology trends for 2023 is machine learning. Artificial intelligence (AI) can learn a lot by analyzing our behavior. As such, it analyzes students’ performance and can inform teachers about the main weaknesses of each learner or the class as a whole. Teachers get the feedback they need and don’t even have to spend a lot of time trying to identify deficiencies themselves. AI can even


It is important to know the current trends and challenges in education technology for the coming year. You can learn important facts about them to realize the full benefits and be able to use them for your academic progress. There are many ways technology can help learners. For example, you can rely on affordable essay writing because there are many fairly cheap essay writing services. Technology helps to find the right specialist to deal with difficulties properly.

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