Dave Grohl Just Got His Own Comic Book, and It’s Awesome

2023 is quickly turning into the year of the Foo Fighters! Just days after the band committed to continuing (starting with a series of festival appearances), frontman Dave Grohl has received his own comic book from TidalWave Productions. Orbit: Dave Grohl.

It’s the latest record on the label, which was released last Wednesday (January 11). Orbit a series they refer to as “focus[ing] (Previous posts have profiled legends like Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Ozzy Osbourne and John Lennon.) Illustrated by Martin Gimenez and written by Adam Rose – both well known in the comics industry – it’s officially described as:

The world of Rock and Roll was shaken by the arrival of David Grohl. From his time drumming with Nirvana to forming The Foo Fighters, Grohl has captivated fans across the planet. This comic offers a look at all things Grohl! It transports you to him playing with Iggy Pop, his tapings on Saturday Night Live, his drumming with Muppet’s Animal and much more. Grohl continues to jam, Grohl continues to inspire, Grohl is Rock.

As American Songwriter explained, “it also takes readers back to Grohl’s childhood growing up in Virginia. One series details how playing the drums was a form of healing after his parents’ divorce, along with the beginnings of his first band, punk rockers Scream. There is also a page dedicated to Kurt Cobain, the frontman of Nirvana, who died in 1994.”

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Commenting on the comic, Rose said, “Being immersed in the genius of David Grohl can only be described in one word: awe. His life and work is an incredible story to explore!”

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Likewise, publisher and “creative force” – as TidalWave Productions puts it – Darren G. Davis added: “As a reluctant reader, I’ve found the comic book form easily accessible, so I’ve always believed that comics can both entertain and educate. I’ve always thought of Grohl as an amazing performer and icon. Comics [offer] people a new demographic to learn about their favorite musicians.”

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You can check out TidalWave Productions’ Instagram post about the release below:

How amazing does that sound?!

What’s more, and as mentioned above, you can purchase the 22-page book – in digital, paperback or hardcover format – right now through Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, and Powell’s Books (among other retailers).

Finally, be sure to let us know what you think about it Orbit: Dave Grohl if you pick it up!

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