East Coast Umbrella

East Coast Umbrella – Since 1988, East Coast Umbrella has quietly built a reputation in the casual industry, manufacturing high quality umbrellas and parasols from its 68,000 square foot facility in Laurel Hill, North Carolina. Now the company is ready to expand its name and success – with models, services and sales options designed to meet the needs of all customers.

Offering products of outstanding design and construction with unmatched customer support, East Coast Umbrella focuses primarily on patio and beach umbrellas, but the product line has expanded to include acrylic outdoor furniture cushions and vinyl netting. Moreover, the family-owned company is a distributor of Outdura brand fabrics as well as other acrylic brands, allowing customers to experience a variety of furniture from one source.

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East Coast Umbrella

No order is too big or too small for East Coast Umbrella to handle. The company will provide the customer with umbrellas in the desired quantity, from one umbrella to a hundred. Many umbrellas are priced slightly higher than imports, but offer the benefits of American manufacturing.

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A variety of sizes and styles make up the company’s line, including fiberglass, wood and heavy-duty commercial-grade aluminum models. All are manufactured to the highest quality; For example, the thickness of an aluminum pole is twice that of standard umbrellas. In addition, the company has developed a special fiberglass frame that significantly improves the umbrella’s ability to withstand extreme weather conditions.

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“A few years ago we saw a need for a frame that could better withstand wind and weather,” said Vice President Dewayne Day. “So we designed our fiberglass frame, which became a bestseller almost immediately. We’ve seen a 75 percent reduction in wind damage repairs since we implemented it. At the same time, we designed the ribs to be cut in the center so that the user can easily replace them without having to throw away the entire umbrella.”

The newest addition to our product line, the Illumishade™ awnings, we believe is the smart answer for the restaurant industry. As more and more restaurants have beautiful outdoor dining areas, we offer heavy-duty sun umbrellas that provide shade during the day and illuminate dining tables at night.

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All umbrellas in the company’s line are made with 100 percent acrylic fabric from Outdura and other quality fabric brands. It is the best fabric in the outdoor industry for durability and durability. For added appeal, our in-house graphics department works in outdoor advertising, using digital printing and graphics applications that you will only find at our location. We can customize your umbrellas with any logo or full umbrella print you can dream up.

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