G-20 nations to condemn Russia’s Ukraine invasion as Lavrov watches on

NUSA DUA, INDONESIA – NOVEMBER 15: Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov arrived at the official welcoming ceremony marking the start of the G20 summit on November 15, 2022 in Nusa Dua, Indonesia. The G20 meetings will be held in Bali from November 15-16. (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

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On Tuesday, the G20 nations will issue a joint statement condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, saying that “today’s era should not be war.”

The leaders of the world’s largest economies are meeting in Indonesia this week. Tensions over the Russian offensive in Ukraine have raised questions about whether they can unite on one of the most pressing issues globally, with Russia being a member of the G20. The summit will be attended by Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister.

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“Most members strongly condemn the war in Ukraine and stress that it is causing massive human suffering and exacerbating existing fragility in the global economy — limiting growth, increasing inflation, disrupting supply chains, increasing food and energy insecurity, and increasing financial stability risks,” would say a joint statement, according to a draft document seen by CNBC.

The joint statement also said, “Peaceful resolution of disputes, efforts to address crises, as well as diplomacy and dialogue are vital. Today’s era should not be war.”

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The statement was agreed upon by the highest-ranking public servants from all of the G20 countries and is expected to be endorsed by heads of state later on Tuesday. At the time of writing, it was not clear if China was among the countries condemning Russia’s war in Ukraine.

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An official who has been following the high-level discussions in Indonesia and preferred to remain anonymous because of the sensitive nature of the talks, told CNBC that “ambiguity is there for a reason” — declining to confirm whether Beijing was among the “most”. Members of the group condemning the Kremlin.

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“The G-20 narrative is advancing because we see the consequences of war,” the same official added. “A few months ago, such an agreement would not have been possible,” the source said.

Acknowledging the difference, the joint statement also said: “There were other opinions and differing assessments of the situation and sanctions.”

Russia has described its invasion of Ukraine as a “special operation” aimed at “disarming” its neighbor. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said on Tuesday that Western countries are making the G20 declaration politicized, according to Russian state media.


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