Harvard Street

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Harvard Square is a triangular square at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue, Brattle Street, and John F. Knedy Street, near Cambridge Center, Massachusetts, United States. The term “Harvard Square” is also used to describe the business district and Harvard University around this intersection, which is a historic site in Cambridge.

Harvard Street

The Square (as the locals sometimes call it) serves as a shopping center for Harvard students, as well as residents of West Cambridge and the western and northern suburbs and surrounding areas of Boston. The stadium is served by Harvard Station, the mainline MBTA Red Line and a bus station.

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In extended SS, the name “Harvard Square” probably refers to the tire circle around this intersection for several blocks in each direction. Nearby Cambridge Common has become a park with a playground, a baseball field and several monuments, many relating to the War of Independence.

The heart of Harvard Square is the intersection of Massachusetts Ave and Brattle Street. Massachusetts Avue originates from the southeast (a few miles after crossing the Charles River from Boston at MIT) and faces northwest at the intersection, which is dominated by an open space for pedestrians to enter the current head of the MBTA, the old subway building. a building that once housed a newspaper kiosk, a visitor information kiosk and a small outdoor performance space (“The Pit”). Brattle Street and John F. Knedy Street converge from the southwest, joining Massachusetts Avenue at 1 Brattle Street, which once housed another newsstand. The Harvard/MIT Cooperative Society building forms the west wall of the intersection, along with a bank and grocery store.

The enclosing walls of Harvard Yard are nearby, and Harvard University, the Harvard Extsion School, the Harvard Art Museum, the Semitic Museum, the Peabody Museum of Archeology and Ethnology, and the Museum of Natural History are only a short walk away.

Other institutions in the neighborhood include Cambridge Public Library, Lesley University, Longy School of Music, Episcopal Divinity School, Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, American Repertory Theatre, Cooper-Frost -Austin House, Hooper-Lee-Nichols House and Longfellow House–National Landmark Historic Landmarks in Washington.

Bcn Homes » 1904 N. Harvard Street

Pedestrian traffic makes Harvard Square a gathering place for street musicians and vagrants, who must obtain permission from the Cambridge Arts Council. Singer and songwriter Tracy Chapman, who studied at nearby Tufts University, is known to have played here during her studies. Amanda Palmer, of The Dresd Dolls, regularly performs here as a “living statue”.

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Another frequent performer over the years has been indie rock guitarist Mary Lou Lord. A small bronze statue of “Doo Doo” (a puppet made by Igor Fokin) is located at the corner of Brattle and Eliot streets, in honor of Fokin and all street performers.

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Until 1984, Harvard Square station was the northern terminus of the Red Line, and it still serves as a major transit station between subways, buses and streetcars. Most of the buses that serve the area from the north and west pass through the tunnel located next to the metro tunnel. Built for streetcars (the last of which operated in 1958) and still used by trackless trolley buses as well as regular buses, the tunnel eases traffic in the center of Harvard Square and allows buses to cross the square without opposing car traffic. The tunnel also provides covered access between the metro and buses.

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In the square is the former Harvard Square subway kiosk, which until the end of 2020 houses the new Rural News store. The moving public art installation Lum Eclipse presents monthly exhibitions by local, national and international artists.

NPR’s Car Talk radio station overlooks the square, with a sign in the window reading “Dewey, Cheetham & Howe,” a fictional law firm that regularly appears on the show.

This monument, created by the sculptor Konstantin Šimun, pays tribute not only to the dead puppeteer, but also to all the street artists who are part of the square.

With various street performers throughout the year. Brattle Street itself is home to the Brattle Theater (a non-profit theater) and the American Repertory Theatre. John F. Knedy Memorial Park is located on the banks of the Charles River, one block below JFK Street. Cambridge Common is two blocks north.

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The square attracts activists from non-standard political parties and has a section of lobbyists. Although Tom Magliozzi mocks it as “the capital of the world”, it’s a popular spot for people-watching, with bars, terraces and specialty restaurants and cafes.

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Although now a commercial enterprise, the square was once home to famous people, including colonial poet Anne Bradstreet.

Discussions about the transformation of the square in recent years are often linked to the landscape of the Harvard Square neighborhood and Cambridge in general. The Square is also a neighborhood shopping center, including a grocery store (Sages) and Woolworth’s five and t. Although a hardware store (Dickson Hardware at 26 Brattle Street) survives until 2021 inside a drugstore and bank branch, the Square is an area, not a neighborhood mall, that caters to students and commuters.

In 1981 and 1987, the Harvard Square Theater was converted into a multiplex movie theater; it later became part of the Loews Cineplex chain and closed on July 8, 2012.

Harvard St Nw #5, Washington, Dc 20009

In the late 1990s, several locally operated businesses with old stores on the square — including the quaint Tasty Diner, a small sandwich shop open after hours, and Wursthaus, a German restaurant with plenty of beer — closed to make way. national chain. Elsie’s Lunch, a longtime popular deli, also closed; What remains of the small retail space facing Lowell House on Mount Auburn Street now houses an ATM. The former restaurant Leo’s Place, 64, closed in December 2013 when the landlord terminated its lease.

The cooperative, the Harvard/MIT Cooperative Society (“The Coop”, founded in 1882), is now managed by Barnes & Noble, although it is still overseen by a board elected by its members. Harvard and MIT students and staff. The Schohof guestbook is owned by Frch Éditions Gallimard. The main bookstores Paperback Booksmith, Reading International and Barilari Books closed in the 1990s.

WordsWorth Books at 30 Brattle Street closed in 2004, after 29 years in the square.

That same year, Grolier’s famous Poetry Shop announced it was for sale (although it survived under new management). Globe Corner Bookstore has converted to an online-only business and last served customers on July 4, 2011.

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After National Market, the former Harvard Trust Company was incorporated into National Bank of America through a series of mergers. Some resorts remain old local businesses with a unique style. These include Leavitt & Pierce Smokehouse (1883), Laflamme Barber Shop (1898), Harvard Book Store (1932), Cardullo’s Gourmet Shoppe (1950), Charlie’s Kitch (1951), Brattle Theater. (founded in 1953), Chinese Restaurant in Hong Kong (founded in 1954), Club Passim (founded in 1958), Café Pamplona (founded in 1959), Mr. Bartley’s Burger Cottage (established in 1960), Million Year Picnic (established in 1970), Algiers Coffee House (established in 1970), and Grdel’s D (established in 1971).

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The 1969 film Farewell Columbus is set in Harvard Square near the end of the film, after actor Richard Benjamin learns that his Radcliffe College student Brda Potimkin (played by Ali MacGraw) has left a diaphragm in her drawer. his home office so his mother could see him.

The 1970 film Love Story by Erich Segal, professor at Harvard University and professor of classics at Yale University, takes place in and around Harvard Square for the first two-thirds, while Harvard students Oliver Barrett and Jny Cavalieri; graduate college; get married; and Oliver went to Harvard Law School while Jny taught, living on the second floor in Agassiz. This film goes on every year for new students at Harvard College during orientation week.

The 1973 film The Paper Chase, set at Harvard Law School, features Harvard Square landmarks from its era, including the old Out of Town Newsstand, the former Harvard MBTA station kiosk with its “8 Minutes to Park Street” sign and the now- The defunct Kupersmith Flower Shop.

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The 1977 film Between the Lines featured a shot of Harvard Square similar to an aerial shot of the Back Bay.

The 1994 film With Honors had footage shot in Harvard Square that included the Country Newsstand. In that incident, Monty approached Simon while he (Simon) was trying to sell a newspaper he had taken from a vding machine.

Various parts of the 1997 movie Good Will Hunting were filmed in and around Harvard Square, mostly in the old Tasty Sandwich Shop and outdoors.

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