In a Surprising Move, Joe Rogan Warns People of Elon Musk’s Neuralink Technology

Joe Rogan shares some controversial and unique opinions on his Joe Rogan Experience podcast. The UFC commentator always makes news following his opinions on the podcast. In The Joe Rogan Experience episode #1911, Joe Rogan brought writer, producer and journalist Mark Ball onto the show. During the episode, Joe Rogan brought up the topic of Neuralink in conversation. A UFC commentator had some words of caution about the new technology.


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The controversial podcast has had some memorable podcast moments over the years. Episode #1911 is currently out for fans.


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Joe Rogan warned about the dangers of the neural network

Episode 1911 marked the podcast to once again talk about Musk’s Neuralink technology. Speaking of the technology, a UFC commentator said: “What I think is going to happen, and it’s neither good nor bad. I think it’s inevitable. I think technology… New technology will emerge that will change things as radically, if not more, than that has been done by the internet.And I think it will most likely be human neural interfaces. Rogan went on to share insight into the technology, “And they’re just around the corner. They’ll be here before you know it, sneaking up on us like the Internet.

MMA: UFC 274-Cortez vs. Gatto, May 7, 2022; Phoenix, Arizona, USA; UFC host Joe Rogan during UFC 274 at the Footprint Center. Mandatory Credits: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY sports

Additionally, UFC commentator Mark Boal explained how Neuralink technology works.

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He shared saying: “Yes. Initially, they will use it for people with ALS and various injuries and diseases where they can no longer control their muscles. It will transform the way the mind interacts with the physical body. But I think eventually it will transform the way people communicate with each other.

Additionally, he revealed some of Elon Musk’s words during the show’s podcast. He said, “According to Elon on this podcast, he said, ‘You’re going to be able to speak without using words.'”

“Amazed” Joe Rogan shared Neuralink knowledge with other guests as well

The controversial podcaster is excited about the latest technology that Musk is developing. However, he also warns of the consequences such technologies will bring. In addition, Rogan always explains his amazement about Neuralink to his guests.

In another episode of the Joe Rogan Podcast, the host explained, “I’m not really sure how it’s done, but it’s going to allow people who are paralyzed to walk. If anyone else said I’d be like shut up, b**ch… but when Elon says I was like … S**t! He might have a plan.

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What Musk is doing with Neuralink is revolutionary and has the potential to change the world. Anyway, Joe Rogan is always interested in the new technologies introduced in the world.


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