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Key Food Supermarket Near Me – Key Foods’ retail network includes more than 315 independent supermarkets in the Northeast and Florida and generates approximately $3.2 billion in annual sales.

United Natural Foods Inc. (UNFI) has entered into an agreement for the wholesale of primary groceries with Kei Food Stores Co-Operative Inc. concluded, will bring in estimated revenue of $10 billion over 10 years.

Key Food Supermarket Near Me

Under the long-term supply agreement, announced Tuesday, Providence, R.I.-based UNFI. will supply the Main Foods stores with conventional, natural and organic foods, along with a wide range of international items. The deal covers all food categories – protein, produce, frozen, bread and deli – along with general merchandise and health and beauty care. Distributed products also include both companies’ own brands, such as Kei Food’s Urban Meadow brand and UNFI-owned brands such as Essential Everyday and Woodstock.

Family Owned Key Food Remains Committed To Serving Astoria Community Despite Its Uncertain Fate

The Key Food Cooperative, headquartered in Mattawan, NJ, consists of more than 315 independent supermarkets and companies in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Florida, generating approximately approx. 3.2 billion dollars. Its grocery store banners include Kei Food, Food Universe, The Food Emporium, SuperFresh, Food Dinastia and Gala Foods Supermarket.

Key Foods CEO Dean Janeway cites the capability and scale of UNFI’s one-stop sourcing as key factors behind the distribution agreement. Those interests were one of the cornerstones of UNFI’s acquisition of Supervalu in 2018, making UNFI the nation’s largest public grocery wholesaler and expanding its customer base in foods. natural, organic and specialty stores, including regular grocery stores and independent supermarkets.

In addition to Kei Food, grocery store banners include The Food Emporium, Food Universe, SuperFresh, Food Dinasti and Gala Foods Supermarket.

“We are excited about our relationship with UNFI,” Janeway said in a statement. “Their unique ability to service an entire store in a single delivery, alongside their operational expertise and purchasing power, gives Key Foods members an edge in the marketplace.” We are delighted to partner with the UNFI team and our members look forward to providing their customers with the full range of UNFI products. “

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Key Food Employees Remain Locked Out After 25 Days

With new business areas, UNFI is also expanding its distribution network. The company said it is currently building a state-of-the-art Grade A distribution center in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, that will add 1.3 million square feet of capacity to existing and new customers in the Northeast and other regions. neighborhood, including Key Food. The plans call for the new facility, which will create more than 500 local jobs, to open in the fall of 2021.

UNFI President and CEO Stephen Spiner noted that the addition of Key Food gives UNFI a larger share of the lucrative New York metropolitan market. This includes stores in all five counties of New York, Long Island, New York State, New Jersey and Connecticut.

“Key Food, with more than 315 member stores, is a fast-growing organization with a large share of the New York City market,” said Spiner. “We recently began serving their stores in Florida and are excited to expand service to their stores in the Northeast by the end of 2021. We believe product selection has not yet been expanded. Our past and knowledge of today’s consumers will benefit Key Foods and its retailers, and we look forward to enhancing their business value.”

Overall, UNFI’s wholesale business operates 59 distribution centers and warehouses offering more than 250,000 national, regional and private brand products (groceries, products, perishables and frozen, synthetic goods, nutritional supplements and sports nutrition, bulk, food service and beauty/personal care) natural product stores, independent retailers, chains brick-and-mortar supermarkets, e-commerce sellers and food service operators. We headed west from the Middle Village (see here and here) to the Maspeth neighborhood, which also has two supermarkets and also a chain store and a store at one location. Again, the same owner owns a big name grocery store (Key Food) as an independent store (Maspeth Marketplace).

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Key Food Cooperative Taps Unfi As Primary Grocery Distributor

Danny Doleh owned Key Food on the street around 66-17 Grand Ave when Duane Reade’s Pharmacy at 66-56 Grand closed in 2017. Doleh took over the location and moved Key Food down the street to a new location. larger, more modern facilities. But he also kept the older location and turned it into the Maspeth Marketplace (but still in the Key Food partnership). We’ll see Maspeth Marketplace next.

I suspect that the building was built as a supermarket, although I have not confirmed this. It’s a dispensary, so that means that when Doleh took over the lease, he also took over the drug distribution license. An independent pharmacy opened a store in Kei Food.

You enter a spacious product section, with payment points and a pharmacy on the front wall. The store is actually twice as deep as it looks here; The wall we saw leads to the seafood room in the back. Those areas are in the first aisle, with meat in the back and frozen/dairy at the other end of the store.

Personally, I prefer stores with higher ceilings, but the owners have definitely made the most of what they have here. The store looks nice and has a very nice selection!

Key Food Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

A small seafood stall displays products, with sushi, snack food and a bakery on the opposite side of the grocery aisles. The shop is separated by a central corridor.

Between the letters and the 3D metal mesh and the textures and lines on the walls, the decor is great, but very low-key. Like it.

The penultimate aisle in the back is frozen food, with milk, cold cuts, and frozen meat in the last aisle.

Coffee beans at the front, along with customer service and a pharmacy (not open when I visited).

Tour: Key Food Supermarkets

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Key Food Stores Co-op, Inc. is a cooperative of independent supermarkets, established in Brooklyn, New York, on April 20, 1937. Its stores are located in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Florida. The Key Food Cooperative has its headquarters in Mattawan, New Jersey; The CEO is Dean Janeway. The cooperative also operates stores called Kei Food Marketplace, Kei Fresh & Natural, Food Dynasty, Urban Market, Food World, Food Universe Marketplace, SuperFresh and The Food Emporium.

Tour: Key Food Marketplace

In November 2015, the company completed the acquisition of 23 stores from the bankrupt (and soon to be closed) A&P, bringing the total number of stores managed by the company to 212. Stores include branches branch of Pathmark, A&P. , Waldbaums, Food Emporium and Food Basics USA. The two stores will operate under corporate ownership rather than a partnership (a company’s first store).

Directors Camillo D’Urso and Pasquale Conte were also involved in mafia activities and heroin trafficking using pizzerias as a cover.

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