Kroger On Main Street

Kroger On Main Street – In 1999, Kroger signed Old National Square to South Fulton Street as a sign of commitment to the corridor.

City of South Fulton – In 1997, the South Fulton area suffered from business erosion. During this time, several merchants and restaurants along Old National began to open, including Service Trade, Target, Shawnee’s Restaurant, Drug Emporium, and some smaller outlets. Over time, Union City also began to see their stock split in the now-defunct Shannon Mall.

Kroger On Main Street

Over the years, various stakeholders such as the Old National Merchants Association, Old National Residents Association, Greater Old National Business Committee, Aerotropolis Atlanta and others have worked to restore the corridor to ensure it is sustainable in today’s business environment.

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In 1999, after lobbying by business and civic leaders, Kroger decided to stay in the corridor rather than leave. To show their commitment, the grocer renovated the former Wynn Dixie Plaza and renamed it South Fulton. For many at the time, it symbolized a new day for Old National and ongoing revitalization efforts.

“The old National Highway was a long trade corridor in the southern metropolitan area. “Old National, a hub of much commercial activity, has suffered from disinvestment in recent years,” wrote City Manager Audie Donald II. Healthy commercial activity is critical to the success of the City of South Fulton and diversifying revenue for the city is a priority for the Mayor and Council members. “

The plan focuses on creating economic development tools to revitalize the corridor, rather than relocating the mayor’s office.

Christopher Pike, South Fulton’s economic development manager, approaches the Main Street program. Applying the Main Street Model focuses on transformational strategies.

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“The Main Street approach is most effective in places where neighborhoods have emotional, social and civic connections that encourage participation and change,” he wrote in the proposal. “It encourages communities to take steps to create long-term change, while at the same time drawing people into the heart of businesses based on low-cost, short-term placements, with the passion and drive to create them.”

Main Street has four components: economic vitality, design, promotion and organization. These pillars include focus on capital, incentives, offering a new image and a strong foundation for fostering partnerships.

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Longtime stakeholder Don Millie Winbush, past president of the Old National Merchants Association, supports the purpose of such a designation and wants to see integrated programs that improve not just Old National, but the entire city.

“This can empower us to use tools and resources to help restore Old National Highway. We live on Fulton Industrial Boulevard, the busiest business location,” he said.

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The trade association has long championed new strategies, business protection, economic development and a new narrative for the corridor. Winbush also mentions how many times, under the Fulton County government, many studies focused on Old National and the city and used the Main Street program; we have the responsibility and the tools of action.

“We need an Old National strategy, and I’m glad the city is working on a strategic plan. The plan will allow us to see what’s working and what’s not,” he said. A band, but for others. Shopping centers of the city”.

Winbush said Old National faces the same challenges as other business districts across the country as businesses dissolve over the years and new investment comes in.

“This is not just about Old National or South Fulton, it’s a national problem. Shopping corridors across the country are struggling because of shopping habits, consumer preferences, traffic patterns, online shopping and more,” he explained.

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Old National covers three districts: five, six and seven. It is shared with the city of College Park, the Georgia Department of Transportation has designated the road as a state highway, and two freeways abut Old National. It is also minutes from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and South Fulton Avenue.

For Marcus Coleman, a community leader, he sees a huge opportunity for the neighborhood and the city.

“I think this is a great opportunity for a revitalization project and I see a lot more that can be done to develop Old National,” he said. “One of the things we’re pushing in urban life is to embrace things like community improvement that are long overdue in our day. Now is our time! “

The City Council will discuss the matter during a work session, but it is unclear when a vote will take place. It will not define a “city center”, but only focuses on economic development and development tools.

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Councilor Khalid Kamau, who supported the move, said there were no plans to move the city hall to the corridor, but to focus on revitalization.

“Of all the new cities in Georgia, Sandy Springs is comparable to South Fulton in terms of population and budget. “City Springs was built on Roswell Road,” he wrote. Like Old National, Roswell Road is a state highway that runs off Route 285 and is operated by the city in partnership with the Georgia Department of Transportation. Although Old National is City Springs. Home of South Fulton City Hall doesn’t want to be, but today’s popular live game design has several features that many South Fulton residents are looking for.

However, there is opposition from many residents and some members of the city council. Some have moved to call Camp Creek and Cascade the center. Councilor Helen Willis opposes any move for a town center statement until the strategic plan is complete.

“I plan to oppose this legislation because it is an important decision that requires community consensus, recommendations from the city’s strategic plan and BAE’s recommendations for the city’s economic strategic plan,” he wrote. “Creating Old National Highway as our centerpiece at this time will involve the professional services, residents, and entire elected body outlined in our proposed strategic economic development plan. The City Council faction cannot make this decision without community consent and a recommendation based on a comprehensive economic development study.” “.

Main St., North Myrtle Beach, Sc 29582

Councilor Mark Baker is keen to hear the arguments for and against this proposal. For him, it has to be the Old National Highway or Fulton Industrial Boulevard and the infrastructure.

“Old National has commercial, residential and transportation operations. The center is a regional destination, not a neighborhood center, because we want to attract people not only from all over the city, but from other areas as well,” he said. College Park, near Riverdale, Clayton and Fayette County. We. College Park is over their Old National section. have to think about their plans.” The contact information below is missing from your profile and is required to continue. They only need to be logged in once.

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