Main Squeeze Colourpop

Main Squeeze Colourpop – Colourpop is one of those brands that is constantly improving their looks, and this 9 line eyeshadow palette was a big hit this summer. I’m not a fan of colorful eyeshadows, but my heart is red and orange. When I saw the launch of this palette, it didn’t take me long to place my order. The Main Squeeze Palette is just beautiful and completely unique compared to the Red Eyeshadow Palette. It has 5 matte shades and 4 light shades with medium and dark shades. If you want a very dark matte, the red shade needs to be built up, but it works to add dimension.

Colourpop Cosmetics has some great eyeshadow combinations and yes, they are affordable, but the formula is not only great for the price, it’s also a great formula. One very nice package, in a sturdy hard plastic bag, also with a mirror. The names are printed on the palette. This palette was released for summer, but I think it’s perfect for fall too. It blends very easily, builds well and the metallic shades are amazing. The 3 shades are not meant for the eye area, but I had no problem with them. I think the red colors might annoy some users if you do this – you might want to check the instructions for this. The matte shades look very similar to the eye, but this is a monochromatic color.

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Main Squeeze Colourpop

If you like these monochromatic palettes, Colourpop has released purple, pink, orange, green and blue palettes. New palettes are released every few weeks.

Main Squeeze — Sarah Cuttic

* I bought this product. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting Miss Q Beauty. I never liked to eat watermelon because it has a lot of seeds. I feel that this fruit requires a lot of work to eat so it is better to avoid it. So watermelon wasn’t on my list, but when I saw COLOURPOP MAIN SQUEEZE, I knew I needed it in my stash.

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It’s a new monochromatic palette that embodies your makeup routine. You asked for a red palette, so we made one with 5 mattes, 4 metallics, and all red shades! From true reds to corals and crimsons, you’ll look like a spice mom all the time. No summer look is complete without this baby by your side. The palette contains the following colors:

The original game of COLOURPOP SQUEEZE is based on the red theme. And therefore, the palette is very powerful to pack. The eyeshadow palette also includes matte and metallic shades. All the eyeshadows are very pigmented. They blend like butter on the lids. Matte eyeshadows are rare, while metallic eyeshadows are almost non-existent. The red shade in the palette is so strong that when you combine this shade with another shade, you can create a big look. Overall a great palette and I’m so glad I added a red palette to my stash to use in the run up to Christmas.

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