Pure Vita Cat Food

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Pure Vita Cat Food contains wet and dry food. In general, the food can be considered of adequate quality, but this wet food is of a higher standard than the dry. Dry food lacks certain essential vitamins and minerals, while wet food is nutritionally balanced and generally considered appropriate for the species. Their food does not contain artificial colors or preservatives.

Pure Vita Cat Food

Pure Vita also offers grain-free meals. The pet food produced by the parent company, KLN Family Brands, has never been recalled, which is a positive sign. Ingredient lists are largely free of controversial ingredients, and the primary food sources are meat-based proteins.

Pure Vita Grain Free Chicken Stew Can Cat Food By Tuffy’s

Overall, Pure Vita is considered safe and some foods are rated highly compared to other manufacturers, although you may want to stick with their wet foods and consider a dry food alternative.

Finding the right food for your cat can seem like an uphill battle. There are hundreds of manufacturers of dry and wet food, all claiming to offer the best food with the vitamins and nutrients your cat needs.

In fact, many commercial brands contain very questionable ingredients, including some that are controversial not only because they are cheap fillers, but because they can harm the cats that consume them.

We’ve taken a look at Pure Vita, including information about the company itself, its manufacturing processes and some of its most popular foods to help you decide if it’s worth feeding your cats. Below we present our results.

Is Grain Free Cat Food A Good Choice?

In 1947, Darrell “Tuffy” Nelson founded a feed company in Minnesota called Pine Lakes Feed. Twenty years later, his son, after studying away from home, rejoined the company and the two created the brand Tuffy’s Dog Food Company. His son, Kenny Nelson, still owns Tuffy’s today.

After 40 years of producing economy foods, Tuffy’s has turned its attention to producing high quality foods. At that time, the new high-quality product series were under the NutriSource Super Premium brand, and after its success, the Pure Vita food line was launched.

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Today, Tuffy’s ethos is to sell high quality food made from natural ingredients without artificial ingredients. They are proud to produce and supply high quality cat food.

Pura Vita contains both wet and dry food and is said to be suitable for both young kittens and older cats. All recipes are grain-free, so they are also suitable for cats sensitive to grains, and the food contains meat proteins from a single meat source, which significantly facilitates the treatment of food allergies. In fact, the food is suitable for all cats except those with very specific allergies or sensitivities.

Cat Food Vita Pet Adult Cat Food With Seafood 400gms Can Made From Real Fish

Since Pure Vita offers a wide variety of dry and wet foods, it is difficult to rank and rate all the ingredients in one place. But looking at the whole range, we see that the vast majority contain meat proteins from a single meat source. For cats with food allergies, this makes them much more manageable and also allows you to choose a specific meat source that may cause an upset stomach or allergic reaction in your cat.

All foods offered by Pure Vita are grain free. As with all grain-free recipes, the manufacturer must use some method to combine the ingredients. One of the common ingredients is peas. Peas have a lot of starch and that starch binds the dough and dry ingredients together. It makes food tastier and ensures that it doesn’t simply crumble into dust in packaging and during transport. Pea protein or pea flour is used in the same way as soy or corn, but it is not a grain.

Then, in the list of ingredients of some recipes, we also find pea starch and pea fiber. This can be considered a form of component partitioning. The ingredients are listed by volume, so the first ingredient is the main ingredient. Separating an ingredient such as peas into pea flour, pea starch, and pea bran allows the manufacturer to list them separately so that they appear lower in the ingredient list than if they listed just peas.

Another ingredient found in some Pure Vita recipes is sun-dried tomato paste. Some consider it cheap filler. It adds fiber and carbohydrates and costs very little. It’s a byproduct of the tomato production process, and while some say it’s a cheap filler with minimal benefits, it contains dietary fiber, several B vitamins, lycopene, and vitamin A. Since it is an inexpensive ingredient, we believe it has some benefits for cats. .

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Pure Vita Cat Dry Duck Lentil

One controversial ingredient found in several Pure Vita wet food recipes is menadione sodium bisulfite complex, which is synthetic vitamin K. It has been linked to liver toxicity, and some experts have warned that it is also toxic to the lungs. , kidneys and mucous membranes. Therefore, it may be worth avoiding this ingredient in cat food.

Many inexpensive pet foods contain unnamed meat ingredients. These ingredients can come from almost any animal, but Pure Vita did not use such ingredients. In fact, Pure Vita recipes are usually made with one listed meat source as the main ingredient.

Cats are obligate carnivores, and grains are not considered a natural part of their diet. In the wild, cats should only contact the grain in the stomach of their prey, and minimally. As such, and because grains in cat food can cause sensitivities that can lead to gastrointestinal upset, it is recommended that cats be fed a grain-free diet. All Pure Vita recipes are grain free.

It is a blend of nutrients and vitamins that forms the basis of all the company’s cat food recipes. After the meat source, the ingredients are barley and rice, then omega oils, selenium, vitamin C and antioxidants. This combination helps your cat get the vitamins it needs, while also getting food that won’t cause intestinal problems.

Nutri Source Pure Vita Chicken & Peas Entree Grain Free (cat Food) 6.8kg

Pure Vita states that it does not use any artificial colors in its ingredients, and none were found in the ingredients list. In fact, there is no need for artificial colors in cat food because cats will eat the food regardless of the color. The only reason to color cat food is to make it more attractive to pet parents.

Animal byproducts are mostly undesirable residues that remain after the processing of animals. It can contain any part of the animal, including the carcass itself, and while some of them are considered nutritious and beneficial for the cat, they can contain some less desirable ingredients. Pure Vita does not list any animal by-products among its ingredients.

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Cats do not need carbohydrates. In fact, they are only found in cat food because they are a cheap filler and a few other ingredients. If the cat food contains carbohydrates, the actual amount should be kept to an absolute minimum.

Although Pure Vita is considered a good source of nutrients with many benefits, many of its recipes are high in carbohydrates. This is mainly because the food uses pea flour and pea ingredients as cheap fillers, and these ingredients increase the carbohydrate content.

Purevita Salmon Dry Food Sample

Neither Pure Vita nor its parent company Tuffy’s has recalled any pet food in 70 years of production.

Reviews Top 3 Pure Vita Cat Food Recipes 1. Pure Vita Grain Free Cat Food, Salmon

Pure Vita grain-free canned food is a grain-free wet food. Its main ingredient is salmon, it contains no controversial ingredients, and there are no by-products or fillers among the main ingredients.

Salmon is an allergen, and one of the ingredients is fish soup, which is also on the list of allergens, but if our cat is not allergic to fish, it’s fine. The food contains average protein, but less fiber and more fat than the average wet food.

Vital Essentials Duck Dinner Patties Grain Free Limited Ingredient Freeze Dried Cat Food, 8 Oz Bag

The food is quite expensive, but like all wet food, it offers the right level of hydration for your cat and has proven to be a popular flavor.

Grain Free Dry Cat Food Salmon and Pea Entrée is a dry cat food that lists salmon and salmon meal as the main ingredients. Both ingredients are considered high quality. The recipe includes pea flour in the ingredients list.

Although this is considered a cheap filler, it is often used in such grain-free recipes because it helps the dough hold its shape and ensures that it holds its shape. However, the prescription is considered

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