Square D 400 Amp Meter Main With Two-200 Amp Disconnects

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I plan to use a basic 400 amp combo with a 200 amp QNR breaker for a 200 amp subpanel, a 100 amp QP breaker for a subpanel, a 70 amp QP breaker for a subpanel, and a 20 amp AFCI/GFCI breaker for a rack-mounted output of meters. Is there a problem with this configuration?

Square D 400 Amp Meter Main With Two-200 Amp Disconnects

To clarify; I want to use a 200A breaker for the main panel. 100A guest house panel circuit breaker. 70A for house/pool equipment box and 20A for outside outlet. (Can the 200A and 100A (2) breakers operate separate panels in the same house?)

Siemens Wp2211 Uni Pak 2 Gang 125 Amp Tenant Main Breaker Meter Socket

The combo panel is from Siemens and comes with (1) 200A breaker powering the installed bus (which has power cams). It also has provision for another 200A circuit breaker.

Q: Is there a requirement that the bus in this type of panel have a dedicated breaker -OR- can the power cams be used directly from the side of the meter to power the bus (as pictured)? So can the breakers on the bus (100, 70, 20) be used as a switch for the respective panels/outlet? Can a circuit breaker be used as a disconnect?

The reason I don’t want the bus with a dedicated breaker is that in case the VFD needs to cut power to the panels, they can still power the house from the well and use the water.

The main meter you are looking at (the MC0816B1400RLTM) is configured so that the factory installed 200A breaker sits inside the panel with the leads connected to one of two sets of jumper wires from the meter base to the breakers. , is actually used as the feedback main for that intern.

A Panel Information And Possible Generator

, which in almost all cases causes severe heartburn AHJ, and calling UL/ETL/… at your location for a field study is generally prohibitive for anything other than heavy industrial equipment. So you can’t make the changes you suggested.

However, I wouldn’t call your scenario a major concern in the grand scheme of things. Unless the pump room is on fire, the FD can de-energize an individual building with its main meter hardware just as easily as the entire property. Having a master switch for the panel section also makes it much easier to work safely on the equipment.

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The only caveat, however, is that this means that the secondary supply cams on your meter line can only be used to power a panel on the meter rack that is fed through circuit breakers, not to connect a tap or feeder with a separate source. provide structure. The practical implications of this are that the house cannot have more than one 200A feeder without restructuring the metering equipment; this is not usually a problem in setups like this, unless you are dealing with large energy consumers such as large heat pump booster heaters or large electric tankless water heaters. (There are also better solutions to the problems one is trying to solve with such hardware.)

The resulting setup is basically identical to your existing setup, except the 200A panel section is powered by the factory main breaker instead of the cams, as shown in the second image. This gives us two ways to shutdown (well into the rule of six) and provides an independent shutdown of any feeder or load, as well as a global shutdown for all but the main building.

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The bad news, however, is that if the 100-amp breaker feeds the main building, it would violate NEC 225.30 building requirements. Feeding the guest house (ADU) is fine because then it counts under 225.30(B) point 1 or 225.30(D), but that feeder cannot feed anything in the main house as a result of feeding the ADU, at least under a strict interpretation . of NEC 210.25(A).

However, since you can run the house at 200A, this means you can continue with what you’re describing as long as you maintain strict electrical separation between the main house circuits and the guest house circuits. Please note that ground lighting loads cannot be powered by:

The main house or guest house under this strict interpretation of 210.25; they must be powered from the pump casing panel or directly from a circuit breaker in the meter line.

As for the subpanels, there is no reason to adapt them; for a house this size i consider 200A, room 42, main panel breaker as a

Square D Su3040d400cn Meter Main Combos Download Instruction Manual Pdf

, with a choice of seating 54 or 60 right at the table, despite its additional cost at 42 space units. If space allows, you can even “go broke” and do

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And a short range of power cables, giving you 80 poles for about the same price as 54 or 60.

Pump house and guest house/ADU panels can be 30 room 125A main breaker panels; these are relatively inexpensive and offer plenty of room for expansion. By the way, the main switch serves only as a termination in this case, so it can be larger than the power switch in the meter line without causing any problems.

Although the factory wiring on your meter network is THW, and likely copper, it does not affect the types of cables that are legal to terminate in the field; in this case, it should simply be treated as an integral part of the team. The 20A circuit is probably best used as a THHN/THWN in the short term (nipples?). However, for large feeders, the preferred wire is XHHW-2 Aluminum Close Stranded; it is much cheaper than copper in these large dimensions, it does not create the hazards that aluminum drop cables create on bad days, and it is more resistant to changes in temperature, water, and the like than THWN.

Eaton 400 Amp 40 Space 40 Circuit Br Type Meter Socket And Main Breaker Load Center Hp404040sh

Of course you need something to protect the cables if they run underground, and that’s what we use.

. In easy soil conditions, PVC can be buried to a depth of approximately 22-24″ and will basically last underground forever. If cutting is difficult, rigid metal conduit can be used for a 12″ trench; this saves a cable in the pipe, at the cost of more work and some vulnerability to corrosion. you still have to use

Pipes here. A 3″ conduit to the main house would not be out of the question at all, if only to make room for future upgrades to 400A, and I would also run a 2″ conduit to the guest house and pump house if it were in your shoes.

A new requirement for the 2017 NEC can be found at 110.14(D), which requires a calibrated torque tool (wrench or screwdriver) to be used on all equipment with torque values ​​for screws or cams. Even if the local authority having jurisdiction does not enforce it, it is still a

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If you need more than 200A, we’d have to resort to a different set of hardware than what you’re suggesting in your question, especially considering you have a remote meter, which is the typical way to do it (with 2 200A breakers on the – separate meter feed subpanels). main counters) of the table.

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Instead I would use a 400A load center with a main breaker, then use two parallel intermediate power blocks to feed a 400A disconnect to the main house. Since coordinating a circuit breaker is generally not feasible without a specific engineering study, you won’t lose much by not having a 400A OCPD dedicated to the main supply of the house. This also gives you the option to remove the main house without losing power to the pump house or ADU, while still having an “all power off” switch available if needed.

Keeping with your Siemens hardware theme, go with an MC2442B1400SDL for the main meter to provide a main disconnect, as well as spaces for the remaining sub-feed cams and power switches, and a HNF365RA for the main house disconnect. Here we use a KO punch to insert a 2″ KO into the bottom of the right side of the meter box and the bottom of the left side of the breaker box, and wired the pair of ECLK225 subfeed terminals into the panel. main with line Lugs on main switch with 2″ rigid conduit nipple and 4/0 aluminum wires, two per pole, run lug-to-lug. By the way, the switch also has a HG656A ground beam kit to give the EGC feeder a place to ground, since the mounting screw must be pulled out, if installed.

The NEC allows up to six main breakers per service. So given your description of what you intend to do

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The most important thing is the equipment that you

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