Stairway Gallery Wall

Stairway Gallery Wall – You’ve decided it’s time to conquer the fragile sloping wall space next to your stairs by hanging pictures to create a beautiful gallery wall, but where do you start? What different arrangements should you consider? How big should the piece be? How do you hang art strategically?

We’re here to break it all down for you! We’ll first present a few different layouts for layered gallery walls, then share helpful design tips and tricks for hanging pictures.

Stairway Gallery Wall

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Domestic Fashionista: Stairway Gallery Wall

Organic gallery walls are a great way to add lots of interest and display an eclectic art collection on a staircase wall. You can combine a mix of artwork and family photos, display in different sizes, get different frame styles or glue matching frames, combine a large piece of framed artwork, and more—the sky really is the limit.

This design also allows you to “grow as you go”. You can start with a base of 5-7 pieces on the most prominent part of the wall and over time you can continue to add to the wall of the stairs and add to your art collection. Organic layouts require a certain strategy, but can easily be adapted to the walls of the staircase.

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Modern gallery walls, clean and simple, symmetrical, clean and pleasing to the eye. Gallery walls with symmetrical stands work best with artwork that is the same size and framed to match. A white frame theme or all black frames are popular options that complement almost any type of graphic or family photo.

Steps To A Perfect Paris Gallery Wall, Part 2 — Parisian Moments

Tip:  If you’re framing smaller pieces like family photos and want to combine different sizes or orientations, use mats to “fill” the difference to keep the frame sizes the same.

Note that, unlike the large wall above the sofa, the staircase wall is visible up close, so try to stick to small and medium pieces.

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Once you’ve collected your gallery wall art, it’s best to place them on the floor, starting from the middle and working your way up. Lay a piece of string or painter’s tape on the ground at about a 45-degree angle to act as a “center line” to mimic a stair wall, and place the artwork over that line. You can change them as many times as needed until you are satisfied with the result.

Tip:  If you have trouble seeing the extra layer of the slanted centerline, you can start placing them like a “regular” (non-sloped) gallery wall when deciding where to place them. Then arrange them diagonally.

Styles Of Gallery Walls With Family Pictures — Rebecca & Genevieve

Once you’re happy with your layout, grab a tape measure, pencil, and painter’s tape and head to your stairs.

Your center line is equal to the corner of your stairs, 57 inches above the floor. Mark this point at the top of the lower rung and another mark at the upper rung. Place painter’s tape on the wall dot to dot. This will be your official center line.

Tip: If you’re going the organic route and need a little extra confidence before picking up the hammer and nails, this little extra work can really pay off. Using butcher paper or craft paper, cut each piece to the correct size. Glue each of them to the wall of the staircase and adjust as necessary. Remove the center tape. Lightly outline each piece, then start hanging with more confidence!

Adding another gallery wall at the top of your staircase is a great idea to keep the design alive in your home. The best thing about stair treads is that they look pretty simple compared to the curved varieties we’ve looked at.

The Creative Imperative: Stairway Gallery Wall

Consider mixing it up with the layout. If you’ve created a symmetrical stair gallery wall, connect it to an organic landing stair wall. If you’ve created an organic layout on the stairs, go for a symmetrical trellis above!

We hope these tips were helpful and now you feel like you know how to hang photos on the stairwell wall like a pro. Enjoy the process and happy decorating!

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Image: San Diego Vibes Gallery Wall Collection in black and white mixed frames. Also available are all black frames or all white frames.

How To Hang The Best Staircase Gallery Wall In 3 Easy Steps

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See something you like but don’t know how it would look on your wall in your home? Click the button below to find out about our free ‘try before you buy’ offer: Growing up my mum had a stair climbing photo gallery in each of our homes. I grew up in a family of 8 children, so you can imagine the stairwell was full to capacity. I remember that I stopped looking at these pictures very often. In fact, I still remember some of the pictures that were shown. This is my first house with a staircase, so I’m excited to create my own staircase gallery wall. My kids have already asked a lot of questions about the pictures shown. I have included many photos from the trips my husband and I took before we started our family. My son is especially interested in the pictures of us riding elephants in Thailand and camels in Egypt. This has already led to many educational conversations with children. I also stare at the wall and get lost in the memories. These are the things that make a house a home. I can’t believe it took this long to complete this project, but I had to install the pattern first. If you missed my post on installing cheap stairs, click here for the full tutorial.

I created a small gallery wall in my last home. I really like the end result, but I made a few more holes in the wall and I want to say thank you later. Let’s just say that wall was a lot to repair when we moved in…yikes! This time I found a better solution than hammering a nail! Read on for a breakdown of each step I took to create this staircase gallery wall.

First, select the photos and/or artwork you want to display on your gallery wall. I won a Minted giveaway a few months ago and ordered some art prints for that purpose. I love the combination of art and personal photography to create a very interesting gallery. Manted has a great selection of art to choose from. Well, it didn’t take long for me to spend all the prize money and some of my own money…shhh! The little girl is about to cut but I didn’t have a frame in her size 😉

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Where To Hang A Gallery Wall

Make sure you have frames for each piece you choose. You can stick to one frame style and color or mix it up like I did. I used already existing frameworks. Some are painted gold, some brown and some white.

Next, transfer the frames to the paper roll. I used leftover wallpaper from my last house, but brown paper, craft paper, wrapping paper, or anything on a roll will do. I labeled each extended frame with a frame color and print. This will help you design your gallery. I found that in addition to the size of the frame, it is very important to pay attention to the color of the frame and what kind of print is on the side. Thus, gold and bricks were scattered along the wall, and there were no piles of art prints nearby without pictures.

Grab your painters blue and get to work! (This won’t pull the paint off the wall and comes off easily for adjustments). I first started with medium sized papers. Play with it! That’s the whole point of using paper cutouts! I didn’t measure the spacing between the frames or bother with aligning the papers. I just glued paper cutouts and made adjustments until I had something that looked balanced. This step took the longest, but with each piece of paper in place, I could see my gallery wall taking shape.

This is what I came up with. I do not recommend using a swivel stool on stairs.

How To Hang A Stairway Gallery Wall

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