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Street Scooter – The trick roller is much stronger than the normal roller because it is reinforced. So, the trick scooter can withstand riding on ramps and jumping on them. Scooters made for riding cannot be missed due to their weak construction. So there is a trick scooter height to buy for your height. The trike scooter is usually lower than the average transport scooter

You can ride any size scooter stunts, but that doesn’t mean it’s fun, comfortable or easy to do stunts. So, you should buy a trick scooter that is suitable for your height. A scooter that adjusts to your height will give you more control over your stunt scooter and you will be able to do tricks more easily. We recommend that you first measure the distance from the floor to the rib and choose a height in between. Remember that the top of the scooter is always an option. So you can use this guide to get an idea of ​​what height your trick roller should be.

Street Scooter

When choosing a trick scooter, it is also important to choose a scooter with the right size wheels. A typical children’s wheel is between 90 and 110 mm, while wheels for children and adults are usually 110 to 120 mm. Also, it is important to choose the right compression system for your trick roller. There are many types of compression systems and they really take care of your scooter. SCS, HIC, IHC and ICS are some of the most durable systems for scooter tricks.

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The ring is also important when buying a trick scooter. The quality of Lag rings is appreciated in ABEC such as ABEC-5. The higher the ABEC, the better the stock in general and the faster you can achieve it. This is useful if you are driving on ramps and don’t want to lose speed. We recommend looking for trick scooters with an ABEC 5 or higher rating.

Street Street is the mode of riding your scooter. It can be on the street or in the skate park with possible tricks – only your imagination is the limit. “Road” is one of the most common models used by scooter riders and places high demands on the construction and quality of the scooter. The solid construction allows you to overcome any obstacle you encounter on the road, even if it’s your first time riding a scooter or you’ve done it 100 times.

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Ramps Ramps and driving on ramps. Ramps are often used to learn new tricks with your scooter. This will give you confidence in the scooter quickly. You will find the walkway in the skate park. If you don’t have a skate park nearby, we recommend buying one of our NKD ramps. This allows you to train anywhere, indoors and outdoors. There are many types of ramps and it’s a great way to progress.

Slides, also known as grinds, are tricks performed by sliding on something. For example, it can be a pipe, a hand, a ladder, yes, almost anything you can think of. With the right roller skates, anyone can learn to skate. You just have to make sure that the sound of your mobile phone has compression, which means Those cuts that allow you to slide on things. This style is very popular and can be done anywhere with friends.

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Transportability refers to the ability of the scooter to be used as a means of transport. How well does it go from A to B and how easy is it to take with you? In recent years, the use of scooters for transportation has become more popular in many European cities, whether it is transportation to work or school. The scooter is also very useful for holidays where the bike is too big or too heavy to carry, as the larger transport scooters often fold up to be carried on the shoulder.

Quality is a measure of professional opinion about the scooter as a whole. We evaluate the scooter’s materials, construction, performance and life expectancy. With a high score here, you’ve bought a great scooter that’s worth showing off.

Overall height: the overall height of the entire scooter. Compared to the height of the scooter, there is nothing good about it. However, in general, it can be said that low rollers are suitable for technical tricks, where high rollers are used for transport and comfort. There are adjustable romobils available that adjust for you and your height.

Weight: The total weight of the entire scooter. Heavier scooters are made of materials such as steel, which increase durability and longevity, while scooters are made of lighter materials such as aluminum, which are easier to carry and transport. Whether it is one material over the other depends on how expensive the fan is and what you intend to use it for. For example, a scooter can take a bit of everyone’s tricks so it would be wise to buy more durable equipment.

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Load Capacity: The maximum load is the product load recommended by the manufacturer. That is the knowledge and evaluation of the product so that its life does not decrease.

Deck design: There are three types of deck design: one piece, two piece, and drop. Single decks are more stable because they are of welded sections, and the second layer consists of screws. The advantage of two-part decks is that they can often be folded. Some models have a main tube that allows for different angles. The folding design allows the romobil to be folded so that you can easily place it under your arm or shoulder. There are many features and systems for folding scooters. If you need a scooter to ride between buses, trains, cars or just to get around, the quick and easy folding system comes into play. You will quickly find that this feature makes a difference whether you are using your scooter on the train, bus, etc.

Deck Material: A scooter deck is usually made of aluminum because it is a very durable material and is not as heavy as other materials. Because aluminum is very soft, it mixes with other metals. Aluminum is divided into alloys, where the value is determined by the combination of metal with aluminum alloy. More alloys mean more stable product materials.

The strength of the material: the strength of aluminum is measured in tons, lower than the amount of pressed aluminum. T4 aluminum coil is produced under a pressure of 4 tons, where T6 means it is pressed under 6 tons. Tons of pushed metal, strong scooter

Apollo Stunt Scooter

Deck length: The total length of the deck surface. The length of the boat helps determine how much legroom you have in the scooter. In fact, the longer the deck, the more space you have, the shorter it is, the less space you have.

Deck width: the total width of the deck on the side of the scooter. The width also determines the length you have with your legs on the side of the scooter. For example, can you stand with both feet side by side? Also, when accelerating with one leg, there must be enough space so that you do not suddenly lose balance

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Concave: Concave helps you maintain balance. It will help keep your feet stable and give you a better grip on the scooter platform. The concave in the scooter is where the surface of the impeller breaks in. Without it, it will be a little difficult to maintain and become more stable.

Compression: The compression system is the system that keeps your fork connected to the main tube, reducing the blur that characterizes every scooter over time, just like anything else that is used out.

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Fork: Fork can be divided into two main groups. 1-piece and 2-piece forks. A single-plate fork is made or cut from a single piece of metal, making the fork less vulnerable than a two-piece fork, which is made up of several parts. In addition, the fork can be divided into threaded or non-threaded fork. The threaded fork is tightened. A fiberless fork requires a compression set.

Headphone Type: The head tube on the deck determines which headphone coil to use. Integrated headphones are more protected and therefore last longer than non-integrated devices, because the headphones are in the ear tube and out of the ear tube.

Rod material: Steel is a very strong and durable material. Bars made of steel are very strong, but also heavier than, for example, bars made of aluminium. Steel bars are more suitable for scooters that go out and push hard, which is a trick that comes from scooters. Therefore, it becomes clear that the trick roller is made of a more durable material such as steel. On the other hand, if you are interested in a scooter handle that combines strength and lightness, it is worth choosing a titanium handle. Titanium is a very strong material with incredible durability, unlike steel, it doesn’t weigh much. So you can say you have a steering wheel

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