Twin Classes Unite in Black Desert with Upcoming PC and Mobile Updates

Korean developer and publisher Pearl Abyss announced today Black desertThe first Twin Classes will be on multiple platforms, with Woosa coming to mobile on Tuesday, January 17th, and Maegu coming to PC soon. Previously, Maegu was only available on mobile devices, while Woosa was available to PC players.

Maegu and Woosa are just some of the exciting updates Black desert in 2023. In the game, the twins hail from the upcoming “Land of Morning Light,” a region inspired by Korean folklore that is one of Black desertfor the biggest expansions of the year. Full of unique bosses and storylines, exciting terrain to explore, and rewards, the new region is expected to arrive in the first half of 2023, with more details to follow soon.

On PC, new and veteran players alike will soon explore Maegu’s unique Mage combat skills and her alluring fox abilities. Maegu wields magic with deadly elegance in five distinct skills:

  • Soul Tear: In the blink of an eye, Maegu is propelled forward in the guise of a venerable fox spirit. She will then return to her original form, stabbing her target with the Binyeo Knife.
  • Bound Souls – Stream: Hanpuri: With Dancer’s Grace, she casts a Fox charm to interrupt her opponent’s movement. Maegu then suddenly approaches to firmly insert the Binyeo Knife into his opponent’s chest.
  • Ghost Ball: Maegu turns her body to the side, dodging the incoming blows, and casts a Fox Charm. Another Fox Charm then appears in place, exploding and dealing damage.
  • Bristling Sparks: Maegu raises the power of the Fox’s charm to create a formation of charms in front of her that deals permanent damage. Maegu then takes Binyeo’s knife and detonates the summoned trinkets, dealing heavy damage.
  • Foxspirit Deceiver: Channeling the power of the Fox spirit, Maegu creates a double-minded person, confusing his enemies. Players can also be sneaky and instantly switch positions with their dueling players.
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Celebrating the arrival of Maegu at Black Desert Online, players will soon be able to claim J’s hammer on the official Black Desert website. A strong fan favorite that is nearly impossible to obtain, J’s Hammer provides a drop in equipment upgrade levels if an upgrade attempt fails. Players who want to experience the power of Maegu the Fox in advance can sign up for the pre-release event today to play in the Black Desert Global Lab starting Monday, January 16th.

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No less deadly is Woosa, who uses powerful elemental attacks and ancient Do Arts Black Desert Mobile. Woosa skillfully uses her fan to channel Sagoonja’s power with the following abilities:

  • Wingbeat: Woosa increases the size of her fan and knocks enemies back. Holding down the skill button activates a stronger gust of wind, pushing enemies further and knocking them down. When used with Sagoonja: Plum, the skill increases its attack speed and scatters plum petals flying through the air.
  • Butterfly Step: Woosa gracefully jumps in the sky, dodging enemy attacks and objects. By holding down the skill button, she can perform an extra jump.
  • Storm: Woosa swings her fan and creates a giant storm, dealing heavy damage to surrounding enemies over a wide area. With its impressive range, it is useful for defeating hordes of monsters and bosses. Storm deals additional damage when combined with other skills.
  • Cloudy: Woosa creates a dark cloud over the heads of enemies, dealing extremely high damage from rain and lightning. Players can use this skill consecutively to create combos for additional enemy damage.
  • Illuminated: Use this passive ability to reduce PvP and skill damage from enemies. Enlightened stacks up to four times and deals extra damage to Wingbeat, Sagoonja: Plum, and Cloudrise.
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