Wall Mount Barre

Wall Mount Barre – The beautifully designed double headboard shares a backrest. Two repetitions are allowed for ballet ballet. Available in the color of your choice.

Most items are currently delivered within 5-7 business days. Large custom orders and some flooring systems may take up to 10 days.

Wall Mount Barre

This item is for wall mounting (one) (straps not included). It is made of heavy duty 3/16″ steel and has a beautiful powder coat finish that is available in multiple colors.

Floor Mounted Ballet Barre Avant Fix

The stand includes the necessary mounting hardware to mount it to a wood base or backing board. Extra-duty screws are provided under the mounting collar to secure the barrel.

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The number of supports required depends on the length of the barrel system. We recommend a 4-inch spacing between nails. (When the strips meet at an angle, back off 1′ after each barrel so the strips don’t touch the corner.)

Ballet rods generally adjust to 42″ for ballet/dance and 36″-40″ for barrel adjustment.

Wall mounted keg racks must be securely fastened to wall brackets. Wood stud mounting hardware comes with wall brackets.

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How To Make Your Own Ballet Barre

If you have metal studs, a concrete wall, etc., you’ll need to purchase the appropriate hardware at your local hardware or home improvement store.

For this type of installation, we strongly recommend using a base plate that is securely attached to the wall or all supports. The wall brackets can then be attached to the support plate at desired intervals.

Be careful: do not set the support plate at the height you want the barrel to be. Some of our mounts need to be mounted below the height of the barrel to compensate for its large “height”. Consider this based on the nail you are purchasing. Never install the barrel on drywall alone as it can be easily removed.

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