Washington Park East Cemetery

Washington Park East Cemetery – Your love deserves to be celebrated. We’re here to create meaningful events and handle every detail along the way—the service, bachelorette party and dinner, or post-service event can be here at Washington Park East.

Washington Park East offers many cemeteries and burial options with a variety of services, memorials and fees. For those who choose to be cremated, we proudly welcome the natural and beautiful setting of Cumberland Trails Cemetery here on our grounds. Cremation is also available in many of our old cemeteries for those who want to be close to their families.

Washington Park East Cemetery

Our Community Life Center (CLC) has many projects designed as cemeteries. The CLC includes a large ballroom and boardroom, as well as a cemetery and a preparation office. It has quickly become popular as one of the most popular wedding venues in Indianapolis.

Us Funeral Homes Adapting To Host Weddings And Other Life Celebration Events

We listen to your needs and desires. Our employees have experience in serving families of all religions and income levels. For example, we may recommend that celebrants perform the service, which is a common option for non-churchgoers. Families will appreciate the availability of on-site after-service events as well as our food and beverage service options.

Located at 10612 East Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46229. For more information or to schedule a tour, call us at (317) 396-2500.

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Flanner Buchanan’s websites and resources make everything better for families. Because after nearly 150 years in the industry, we’ve learned to simplify the process. If there is a service, there are hundreds of tasks and information that need to be organized and completed in a short period of time. Families have found Flanner Buchanan to be the best choice because of the convenience of having design and services in one place. Visit FlannerBuchanan.com Sie erhalten keine Fotoanfragen mehr für diesen Friedhof. Management of Freiwilligen-Einstellungen.

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Washington Park Cemetery Association

Those requesting a photo should call the office and ask for the exact location before submitting their request, as they are willing to pay volunteers for this information.

The cemetery is located north of E. Washington Street (US 40), east of N. German Church Road and north of 10th Street. The cemetery was established in the 1920s as a Masonic cemetery and was purchased by its current owner, the Washington Park Cemetery Association, in 1956.

The USA USGS Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) identifier for the cemetery is 445505 (Washington Park Cemetery East).

Indiana Cemetery Locations, Volume 1 (April 2, 2005) published by the Indiana Genealogical Society lists the first cemetery as Washington Park East Cemetery.

Carrie Ann Howard

The cemetery is listed in the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Cemeteries and Cemetery Records and the State Historical and Archaeological Research Database (SHAARD) under cemetery record number CR-49-102 (Washington Park East).

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The Indiana Historic Sites and Structures Inventory (IHSSI) survey number for Washington Park East Cemetery is 097-144-65323 and the data sets were compiled in 1993.

The main entrance. The electronic signage changes from “Washington Park East Cemetery” to “Flanner Buchanan Funeral Center” depending on the time and temperature.

This cemetery is also very beautiful in winter. It is a very large cemetery with over 70,000 graves.

Washington Square Park

Before going to the cemetery, call to find out the location of the cemetery. You can stop by the office and they will give you such a map.

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Washington Park East Cemetery In Indianapolis, Indiana

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