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YORKVILLE – For today’s entrepreneur, an online presence is an essential ingredient for success.

Yorkville tech wizard Brandon Bernicky is an entrepreneur who helps organizations and individuals grow their online profile.

Bernicky is the owner and president of Nextsulting, where he creates, hosts and manages websites so their owners can concentrate on their businesses.

Using specialized computer applications, Bernicky builds websites that automate business functions, maximize direct messaging opportunities and create eye-catching videos.

“Your website is a critical extension of your business and your brand,” says Bernicky. “It should inspire you.”

Bernicky’s work has inspired many business owners in Kendall County. Nextsulting boasts 130 business clients Bernicky is looking for more than just providing a website.

“When you can create a partnership it’s more fulfilling than a transaction,” Bernicky said.

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Bernicky in just eight years has built such a solid reputation in the business community that he has been invited to share his expertise at the Yorkville Area Chamber of Commerce’s monthly luncheon at the Silver Fox restaurant.

The young man is passionate about his work and inspired by his presentation.

Automating tasks, improving video quality and transforming data into meaningful visual displays are the three main topics Bernicky focuses on.

For automation, he recommends an app called Zapier, a simple-to-use program that doesn’t require the use of code.

The app is perfect for creating email campaigns, says Bernicky, and for creating auto posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Direct messaging is an important part of doing business and maintaining a presence, Bernicky said.

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“Facebook Messenger is a powerful tool,” he said.

He also wants an app called Many Chats that allows businesses to stay in touch with customers.

“Automate and delegate,” Bernicky likes to say.

To take videos to the next level, Bernicky recommends Loom, a video messaging tool that helps businesses get their messages out through easily shareable videos.

When making video with the iPhone, Bernicky said that users should consider buying a ring light and a tripod to improve image quality. But a good photo is not enough.

“The sound is critical,” Bernicky told the crowd in the room. “If your audio stinks, your video stinks too.”

An iPhone lavaliere microphone can make a dramatic improvement in sound quality and can be had for only $30 or $40, he said.

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For data, Bernicky uses an app called Cyfe that transforms data into easy-to-read charts and graphs.

Bernicky seemed destined for a career in the brave new world of digital technology, building his first website at age 6.

After graduating from Plainfield High School in 2014, Bernicky didn’t follow the traditional college path.

Instead he started building websites for e-commerce, restaurants and political campaigns.

“I took a risk to try and build something,” Bernicky said.

He originally ran his business out of Plainfield, but now he and his wife and partner Liezl Bernicky make their home in Yorkville.

Nextsulting maintains a brick-and-mortar business presence with an office at 201 E. Veterans Parkway, Suite 12 in Yorkville.


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