Yuli Gurriel replaced by Korey Lee on Astros’ World Series roster 

HOUSTON — Astros first team captain Yuli Gurrell, who was knocked out in Game Five of the World Series early with a right knee injury, has been pulled from the team’s roster due to a right-hand twist in the MCL and replaced by rookie striker Corey Lee. Houston manager Dusty Baker said Gouriel ran on the field earlier on Saturday to test his knee.

Dr. Gary Green, the medical director of Major League Baseball, confirmed the infection after contacting the resident. The MLB postseason rules state that a team may request permission from the commissioner’s office to replace a player who is unable to play due to injury.

“[Gurriel] Baker said. “He came in yesterday and got the treatment, he came this morning and got the treatment and he didn’t respond well enough to play. He tried to run away, and from a guy with a knee injury, the hardest thing to do was to stop and then go around the bases and get a sideways movement. He tried everything He wasn’t crying, but tears were in his eyes. You can tell how much he wanted to play. He couldn’t do it, and we had to replace him.”

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With a third hitter on their roster, the Astros started Cristian Vazquez as the designated hitter in Game 6, with Martín Maldonado behind the board. Lee, who scored 0.160 in 12 games for Houston this year, was on the club’s taxi team. Baker said he’s considered hitting Vasquez in DH a few times this year. He only did it once because he didn’t want to risk injuring one of them.

“No. He is a contact man,” Becker said of Vasquez. “I can do a lot of things with him. I did it once as an experiment to see. I wanted to do this a few times, but didn’t necessarily want to, in case something happened to my money… I didn’t really want to put my team in a situation where I would have lost [the] DH and putting the bowler in there and hitting the bowler is back to the National League days with just a four-man seat.”

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Gurriel injured his knee in the seventh inning in Game 5 when he was embarrassedly flagged by Phillies First Baseman Rys Hoskins during a rundown. The injury came after the end of Goriel’s impressive streak of 48 consecutive games without an attack in this post-season, which ended in the fourth inning when he went up against Conor Brogdon.

Gurriel, who took the final in Game 7 to take the 2017 World Championship win over the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium, was hitting .347 (17 for 49) with two homeowners and four RBIs in the postseason, including 6-for-19 With one RBI in the World Championships. Trey Mancini replaced him at first base in Game 5 and made a great play to stop Kyle Schwarber’s engine at first base.

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“Yuli has been one of the best hitters in the post-season, so obviously not having him smells good,” said midfielder Chas McCormick. “But we have guys who know their role, and we are confident who will be in this squad. We have a lot of good hitters in this team.”

Astros Game 6 Starber Valdez has the highest ballpark average in MLB and Gurriel is an excellent defender, having won the Gold Glove last year. So it only makes sense that there are plenty of opportunities for Mancini on first base. Becker said Mancini is at first because he has the most experience in the position.

“It’s time for Mancini to shine,” Becker said.


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